Besieging and Demolishing a Home Interior

We’ll assume you didn’t like the wallpaper or that your kitchen island never exactly sat with you, your spouse or friends. Whatever your reason for demolishing your kitchen, we know what a decision and an undertaking that is—and we’re here to help. The more allies you have in this fight, the more likely you’ll make it through without even a breaking a sweat. Wise as we are heroic, we’ve been at the business of appliance disposal for years. Whether you live in Camden County, or Philadelphia, we want to walk you through the process of how you’d demolish your home interior, then take it from there.

Imposing Order on Madness

As we said, demolishing a home is no trifle of a thought. In fact, if you don’t plan out all the breaking and tearing from start to finish, you’ll find yourself helpless and your footing ever treacherous. Be smart about it—envision how you’d deconstruct the space, unit by unit or appliance by appliance.

Perhaps you’ll follow the order of:

  1. Ripping out old cabinets, allowing you to accurately measure everything (in the case of a courageous remodeling).
  2. Tearing out old carpets, like dirty grass, exposing a smoother, and cleaner chipboard floor. Sweeping up stray nails, staples, and construction debris is much easier on flat surfaces.
  3. If the carpet is struggling against you, brandish a sharper knife and slice it up, easing the removal process immensely. Once you’ve sliced it up into smaller segments, roll up your carpet, and responsibly dispose of it.

Warring Against Wallpaper and Baseboards

In some of our customers’ homes, ripping out the carpet isn’t even possible until we’ve torn out the baseboards around door frames. One general strategy involves all four corners of a room and a trusty crowbar. During this step, and all steps, be wary of pressing tools against drywalls, lest they do more demolishing than you’d like. If you suspect all your troubles did in fact stem from that kitchen wallpaper, steady yourself before charging forward. Sometimes it proves effective to rinse the walls in a mixture of fabric softener and hot water, thereby loosening the paper for peeling. With a chisel in hand, the most dreaded of wallpapers can be torn away.

After you’ve recovered—or before you even begin—give us a call and we’ll do all the fighting and hauling for you. Whether you reside in Burlington County or the nearby parts, we’ll do the appliance removal for you too, all on the same day!


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