Cleaning Up Your Home or Business During the Holidays

As we inch, day by day, into the heart of the winter season, we’re all feeling that urge to bundle up and hibernate. Cold and harsh as it may be, winter is that season when you can finally relax indoors for once and appreciate the decor—or can you? If you still have old carpets or furniture sitting inside (or even outside of your home), it’s possible that they’ve not only become a nuisance, but an eyesore.

Luckily for you home and business owners in Camden County (and nearby areas), the crews of Junk Rescue handle appliance disposals and general junk removal all through the winter. You’ll be able to calmly breathe and recline this holiday season after we’ve emptied your home, office, or estate of all its junk.

Dig Out Your Garages and Basements

Before you call upon a heroic junk and appliance removal crew in the Burlington County area, it is in your interest to do some household keeping yourself.

Start by asking yourself: “Where do I put the bulk of my junk?”

Most of us tend to store our junk and old possessions somewhere out of sight and mind. Some of us may designate the apartment basement or house garage as a storage unit of sorts. If you’ve been stashing everything you no longer wanted far away in the depths of your basement or garage, now is the perfect time for you to donate what you can.

Gather Up What You’d Keep or Donate

Being a heroic and eco-friendly company, we don’t go too crazy in all that trashing, hauling, and junking. When we’re sifting through our customers’ junk piles, we use our eyes and experience to separate the junkable from the recyclable. We often find during this process that a great deal of our customers’ junk can, in fact, be donated.
As you’re combing through your own possessions this holiday season, we encourage you to see what is beyond repair and potentially redeemable. Any of your old and usable junk may be just what someone needs—be it a warm and cozy couch, or a functional AC unit for the heat of summer 2018.


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