The Reality of Waste on Construction Sites

As any plumber, electrician, or contractor could tell you, construction sites can get riddled with trash. Regardless of who’s responsible for the trash, somebody has to clean it up (unless they want to anger an inspector or homeowner). Gathering up and sifting through the trash isn’t all that easy either — especially when you’ve been renovating an old, dusty home, tearing up floors, and rewiring. Before long that small pile of debris will have layered itself into a mound of metal, wood, and plastic. As work continues, the accumulating, cleaning and hauling of trash never ends. Beyond being an eyesore, trash quickly turns into physical obstacles that can endanger your safety on construction sites.

Unwanted Waste at Landfills 

If you consult the EPA about construction waste, they’ll give you this disheartening statistic: over 200 million tons of trash and material are annually generated by workers and contractors in the US. When you think about it, that’s quite a ton of waste. Somewhere in those massive mounds of debris are materials that can be salvaged, refurbished, recycled, and reused by charities and organizations across the country.

Strategy to Minimize Waste 

To minimize all that unwanted waste, contractors do have a few options. Rather than idly piling all the debris together, you can filter out materials as they’re used and discarded. Reserve a space specifically for materials like fixtures, old wires, and plastics. Nearby, but clearly distinct from it, separate your masonry and carpentry materials. During reconstruction or demolition, your piles of junk should stay separated and distinguishable. If you can’t afford to do all this filtering yourself, that’s where a trash removal service like ours, in Gloucester County, NJ (and the whole of NJ) can be your savior.

Kindly Recycling

As you’re separating out your trash, you can’t forget about recycling some, if not most of it. Of all the materials on your construction site, lumber is by far one of the most wasted and the most conspicuous. Unless wood has been treated with a substance like chromated copper arsenate, you should probably be recycling it. Metallic materials like steel, copper, and brass always retain a commercial value, since they are easy to melt down and reuse. Masonry, rubble, stones, and concrete can also be effectively recycled. At Junk Rescue, we may specialize in trash removal in Burlington County and surrounding communities, as well as the rest of New Jersey, so we recycle as much as we can.


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