Recycling Across the Garden State and North America

Recycling! It’s a word that we all learn at a young age, coupled with cartoon characters and flowing shades of dark green. When we finish drinking our water bottles, we remember all that we were once taught, lamenting all the accumulation of plastics. Since the 70’s, the U.S. as a whole has been eco-conscious, dedicated to educating and decreasing the amount of waste that we create.

In honor of recycling, and preserving the planet, we’ve amassed some eco-friendly facts to get you seeing green again.

The Longevity of Aluminium 

Of everything that we recycle during trash removal (in Gloucester County and surrounding areas), aluminum is by far the most recyclable material. All your window frames, stretches of wiring, tubing, and electronics are likely aluminum based. With each year that passes, we wasteful Americans discard over $1 billion worth of aluminum cans. By recycling one can of aluminum, we conserve enough energy to play through the best or worst album on an iPod or smartphone (if you haven’t already recycled said iPod). Any aluminum that is trashed will take more than 500 years to decompose.


The Breakdown of Papers

Given how easy it is to crumble up and tear, we often associate paper with recycling. In fact, one of our most famous recycling symbols resembles a piece of paper between three curvy arrows. The more disheartening fact is that the average person consumes more than seven trees per year. Of course, we don’t mean that trees are being chopped down and sprinkled on our salads; we mean all the paper products. In order to maintain these high demands of modernity, about 100 acres of rainforest are cut down every minute. Because of this, we’ve lost over 3 trillion trees since the rise of human civilization and agriculture. Simply recycling a one day’s worth of a newspaper saves up to 75,000 trees.


The Inconvenience of Plastic

It doesn’t take much effort to convince anyone that plastic is the most egregious of wasted products. According to studies, only 5% of all plastics in the United States are ever recycled. It’s for this reason that our Junk Rescue crew carries out trash removal. Whether we’re in Burlington County or Monmouth County, NJ, we intend to recycle or donate over 70% of what we salvage.


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