Why You Should Seize the Day Regarding Your Spring Cleaning

After a long and arduous winter of mythic storms and snows, we here at Junk Rescue are happy that the Northeast’s endured once again. Now that we’ve made it through the longest nights and coldest months of the year, we have every reason to celebrate with a season of spring cleaning!

As far as annual traditions go, spring cleaning may not be the most publicized or festive of them, but it’s certainly satisfying. After six months of decorating and hibernating indoors, it can be truly therapeutic tossing out the junk you no longer need. Still storing the pumpkins you picked for the trick-or-treaters? Unwilling, but secretly wanting to burn what’s left of your once-living Christmas tree? Spring cleaning is all about catharsis.

In fact, it comes with a few benefits you may have overlooked:

It’ll Keep You Healthier

If it has, in fact, been about a year since you dusted off and rummaged through your collection of junk, then your lungs, and your psyche will be thanking you. As our professional experience and studies show, the average home or business is riddled with dust and potential allergens. When you begin to sift through your belongings, open your air vents, garage doors, and windows, all of the nastiest bits go out with them.

It’ll Make You Happier

It’s no secret that clutter in our homes and workplaces causes us stress and anxiety. If we can’t relax in an open and clear space, our creativity and productivity feel stifled too. When it’s spring, you have every opportunity to start anew, psychologically and professionally. During the process of cleaning and decluttering, you’ll be amazed at how much fun you can bring into your day; and how many possibilities you’ll see around you.

It’s Simple and Convenient

We’re not exaggerating when we say that spring cleaning is as simple as picking up your phone and yelling, “Save me, Junk Rescue!” When we arrive on the scene, often within 24 hours, we’re ready to plan your spring cleaning with you, step by step, with the most affordable junk removal service in Camden County, and the surrounding area.

Because we operate as the most affordable and eco-friendly junk removal company in Camden County, and the greater Philadelphia region, we’re your best option, and your best excuse to do all your spring cleaning as soon as you can.

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