5 Tips for Helping You Declutter Your Home

In our efforts to help customers start springtime off on the right foot, Junk Rescue has a few decluttering tips and tricks to maximize the space and comfort of your home in a matter of minutes each day. We know that it’s daunting to think about spring cleaning, especially when your house hasn’t received the necessary upkeep it should have throughout the winter months. No matter if you’re looking for piano removal in Montgomery County, PA, or some extra help with spring cleaning, have no fear, Junk Rescue is here!

Simply begin by following these five tips, and your cluttered home will be transformed into a more breathable, livable space in no time at all!


  • Begin by Making a List


The first tip for decluttering your home is to create a solid game plan. Jot down a list of 30 cleaning or organizational tasks which need to be completed around the house. Take a walk around your home and property and take a moment to visualize what needs to get done before hopping right into cleaning and getting overwhelmed.


  • Schedule a Starting Date


Once you’ve set up a decluttering list, pick a date to begin, preferably on the weekend when the whole family is home and can do their fair share. By setting a date in the near future, you have time to get your thoughts organized and figure out the best approach to tackle each task on the list.


  • Find a Place for All of Those Papers


You’d be surprised how many of our customers complain about the number of papers scattered throughout their homes. Whether they’re bills, your children’s school work, or documents from the office; designating a specific location for all paperwork to be organized and stored in will save you time and effort when you need to find each item you’re looking for. No more stacks of mail by the front door or on the kitchen countertop!


  • Make a “Maybe” Box


As you’re going through the drawers, cabinets, and closets throughout your home, designate a box labeled “Maybe” for all items that you feel are taking up space around the house. Once the box is filled up, store it out of sight in the basement or attic and mark your calendar six months down the road. Once the six months are up, look back in the box, and whichever items are still deemed unnecessary, get rid of them! We’re confident you’ll likely be able to toss the whole box.  


  • Put Together a Load for Charity


Just because you’re looking to get rid of old clothes or items throughout the house doesn’t mean that they have to go to waste. While cleaning, create a “Donate” box and fill it up as you go along. Once the box is full, put it right in the trunk of your car and drop it off with a local charity service. Not only will this help declutter your home, but it will more importantly help out members of your community who are less fortunate and could use them the most!

Once you’ve finally gathered up all the trash and tossable items throughout your home and property, give our team a call at 800-732-9209 and our team will take care of the rest. Regardless if you need grand piano removal in Philadelphia County, PA, or need to get rid of old exercise equipment taking up space in the basement, Junk Rescue has the knowledge and know-how to declutter any home in a matter of minutes!


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