A Few Easy Ways to Let Go of Bathroom Clutter

When you think of a good place to declutter in your home, the usual suspects probably include the basement, attic, and garage. Bedrooms and hall closets may be on that list, too – or runner-ups, at the very least. However, the one room that rarely makes the cut (but should be a priority) is the bathroom.

You would think that the place where you get clean should also be a clean place, but, for some reason, the bathroom is one of the rooms most susceptible to clutter, inefficiency, and disorganization. But there is hope! We at Junk Rescue, the house cleanout professionals in Camden County, NJ, have compiled a few suggestions for you. With a little bit of imagination and the right tools and motivation, you can declutter and improve your bathroom experience with just a few small tasks.

Visualize the Prize

The very first thing you should do is envision your ideal bathroom, and write a list of your favorite features in this imaginary room. Obviously, if you were living in a house that contained the perfect bathroom, this practice would be unnecessary; but, for the sake of argument, you’re reading this post because your bathroom needs improvement. With this list, you can start looking at your current bathroom and pick out the things on the list you need to do to fulfill this vision and make a few practical concessions in your mind. Knowing what you want before dumping everything into the garbage and ripping out fixtures is always the best move.

Dispose of the Chaff

Clutter frequently begins when things are not entirely used and then find their way to the backs of cabinets and closets. As the saying goes: it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. That half-empty bottle of hair conditioner on your shower caddy or that damaged bottle of nail polish that has adhered itself to the bottom drawer needs to go, so start sorting out the keepers and trash or recycle the rest.

Expand Storage Space

After you’ve purged the undesirables from your drawers and cabinets, it’s time to add some more storage so you won’t have to purge again.

The Junk Rescue team suggests:

  • Taking out cabinet shelves and installing them in more convenient positions if possible
  • When in doubt, go vertical – your bathroom is most likely one of the smallest rooms in your home, so utilize the space by using over-the-door racks, tower shelving units, and wall shelves.
  • Safely get rid of vanities and other fixtures that don’t work for you and bring in options that do.

Our final piece of advice is to remain true to your dream bathroom! Maybe that 19th-century claw-foot tub isn’t in the cards, but a clean and decluttered space with a few decorative touches could create the vintage atmosphere you might be craving. Also, if you need help safely clearing the clutter or doing some of the heavy work, call in the Junk Rescue team, as we are the appliance disposal pros of Camden County, NJ!


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