An Ode to the Fridge in the Garage – How to Say Goodbye

We all have one — the ancient, blocky, off-white refrigerator in the garage that was once decorated with family photos, school pictures, and mediocre report cards. You’ve since moved on to a more capable model; something modern and sophisticated that suits your needs. 

But did you truly move on from your old fridge? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably subjected it to a life sentence in the garage as “the beer fridge” or “the drink fridge.” Do you really need two refrigerators?

Not only are you wasting power by keeping that crusty, rusty dinosaur running 24/7, but you are also missing out on an excellent opportunity to help somebody less fortunate. Stop wasting electricity, and start giving back to families in need. In the video below, we discuss three signs that it’s time to dump your ex-fridge and never look back.

If your garage fridge fits the profile described in the above video, it’s time to move on. The good news is, we can help! 

Just imagine your life without the fridge in the garage. Horrible, isn’t it? You never realize how good it feels to let go until you finally do it. Think about all the room for activities you’ll have after it’s gone. Also, you will save money on electricity. 

The downside? Your beer will have to get used to having roommates other than a box of baking soda. Devastating, we know. If you’re ready to move on, hit up junk rescue for help with refrigerator disposal in NJ. You’ll pay less on your electric bill, and your old refrigerator could be donated to somebody who needs it. You’ll get over it eventually.

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