Free Estimates


• Save $10 on Same Day Service • No Credit Card Required • Customer Service at 800-732-9209

Free No-Obligation Estimates

When you book an appointment it will always come with a no-obligation guarantee. Once our team of Heroes arrives at your property and reviews your junk, they will then give you a free estimate on the cost to remove those items. Once you are given the price, you can then decide whether or not you would like to be rescued or consider other alternatives.

How Our Pricing Works

Our price is based on volume, meaning how much space your items take up in our truck. Once our team of Heroes reviews your junk they will give you a rough estimate range based on how much space they think your junk will take up on the truck. Once everything is loaded we promise never to charge you more than the high end of the estimate, even if our team underestimates the job. Our Prices start at just $99

All inclusive Pricing Benefits

Two licensed and Insured Junk Heroes
Removal from anywhere on the property
Sorting, Lifting, and Loading
Transportation and fuel costs
Transfer station fees
Recycling, donating, and disposal of items

Since we need to see the junk to provide you with a proper estimate, it is a difficult task to give you an accurate quote beforehand. It is for this reason that we offer free estimates in person to ensure that you receive an accurate quote. Our call center will be more than happy to give you more info on our pricing over the phone when you describe your items and then our team of heroes will give you a more accurate quote when they arrive. Remember, there is no obligation so if you are not satisfied with the price you are of course free to search for other alternatives.


• Save $10 on Same Day Service • No Credit Card Required • Customer Service at 800-732-9209