Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Junk Rescue do?

Junk Rescue is a full service clean out and junk removal business. We take just about anything from anywhere on the property and handle all of the labor, loading, and clean up.

Is Junk Rescue licensed and Insured to do this work?

Yes, Junk Rescue is fully licensed and insured and has acquired all necessary permits to perform junk removal services.

Why would I use Junk Rescue instead of a dumpster?

When you rent a dumpster, you are charged for the entire dumpster no matter how much you fill it. Junk Rescue charges by volume, how much space your items take up in our truck. Dumpsters also sit on your property for days and not only are they unattractive to look at, they can also cause damage to your property. Junk rescue provides you a clean shiny truck which that will be gone as soon as your items are put inside. Lastly, with a dumpster, you are left with doing all the labor. When you choose Junk Rescue, you will never have to lift a finger. We do all the labor, lifting, and loading.

How big is the Junk Rescue truck?

The box on the back of our junk truck is 14 feet long, 7.5 feet wide and 7 feet high.

What does Junk Rescue take?

Junk Rescue will take just about anything that 2-4 abled individuals can carry. We provide a variety of services to meet all of your clean out and junk removal needs.

Junk Removal Services Include:

Appliance Recycling, Mattress Disposal, TV Removal, Garage Cleanouts, Basement Cleanouts, Refrigerator Removal, Carpet Removal, Hot Tub Removal, Attic Cleanout, Scrap Metal Pick Ups, Furniture Removal, Electronics Recycling, Bicycle Removal, Storage Unit Cleanouts, Donation Pickups, and Hoarder Cleanouts.

What does Junk Rescue NOT take?

Paint cans (unless they are dried out), cleaning products, gas or flammables, chemicals, solvents, oils, batteries, asbestos, oil drums (unless they are empty), oil tanks, junk cars or any type of hazardous materials.

Why can’t Junk Rescue take hazardous materials?

In order to carry and haul hazardous materials, a separate license is required. If you need hazardous materials removed please call your local recycling or waste management for further assistance.

Why does Junk Rescue book estimates in 2 hour windows?

The 2 hour window allows our team of heroes to deal with unseen circumstances and issues as they arise, such as traffic and issues at previous jobs. We will call you 15-30 minutes before the start of your window to inform you of our estimated time of arrival.

Do I need to be on site for Junk Rescue to perform the job?

We prefer that our customers be on site when our team of heroes arrives. However, if this is not possible, we can still perform the estimate/job without you being present and accept payment over the phone.

What kind of payment types does Junk Rescue accept?

We accept cash, checks, and all major debit & credit cards

Can Junk Rescue perform jobs before and or after normal business hours?

If you would prefer your job to be performed during specific hours, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Why does Junk Rescue charge for Donation Pickups?

Junk Rescues offers many pickup benefits that other donation pickup services do not provide. We offer same day service and handle all of the labor, lifting, and loading no matter where the items are located. Furthermore, other donation services do not accept many items. Junk Rescue will take anything not denotable and make sure it gets disposed of responsibly. All donation pickups are also tax deductible.


• Save $10 on Same Day Service • No Credit Card Required • Customer Service at 800-732-9209