How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Your Sofa

Do you cling on to items that have sentimental value? Do you have a favorite armchair that dips in the middle but you can’t part with it? As a premium provider of furniture disposal in Burlington County, PA, and the surrounding areas, we’re often asked, “Should I be throwing this away?”

So, we’ve come up with some handy pointers below so that you can check them off before you call us up to remove that old sofa.

The Couch Doesn’t Fit the Room Properly

We often move several times throughout our younger adult years. For example, we move from college to our first apartment, then onto our first family homes. Therefore, if you downsize and have a large couch crammed into a small space, it’s time to replace it. Alternatively, if your small sofa looks lost in your new huge living room, consider getting a larger model. Crammed couches are particularly bad for damaging the upholstery and furniture surrounding them as they move when people sit down on them.

The Couch is Creaking

If your couch creaks, squeaks, or pops, then it’s starting to lose its structural integrity. The noises could be joints, springs, or frame damage. Unless the couch is a nostalgic family heirloom, the cost of upholstering and repairing the damage can far exceed replacing the sofa with a newer model.

The Couch Smells or Causes Itching

For those who have pets, this can be a particularly prevalent problem. Some couches seem to hold odors within the upholstery and padding underneath. Regularly vacuuming and steam cleaning can help. If the room never smells fresh, despite all your cleaning efforts, it might be time to replace your couch with a cleaner, newer model.

The Upholstery Looks Terrible

We’ve all seen couches with sagging, stained upholstery from years of wear and tear. Some sofas can be yellow because of nicotine, and some have multiple stains from years and years of use and abuse. If this sounds like your couch, then it’s worth replacing the sofa with a brand spanking new model.

We don’t just remove old couches! We’ll take anything from pool tables and armchairs though to piano removal in Philadelphia County, PA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to book professional assistance for your furniture removal needs.


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