Piano Removal


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Piano Removal

piano removals Burlington countyA musical instrument as iconic as the piano often becomes a family heirloom of sorts, as it is passed down from one generation to the next. However, sometimes the most iconic thing about a piano can also be how difficult it can be to remove.

Standard Pianos

If you’ve found yourself in the position of housing the upright piano that your great-grandmother once played in her parlor, and it has become just another dust-collecting piece of unused furniture, you might want to consider having it removed.

These standard pianos are the most commonly used because of their compact form and warm sound, but the materials and composition that create those same qualities also make the upright piano susceptible to easy wear over time. As the piano becomes worn, its sound changes, and eventually becomes quite out of key.

Replacing strings, keys, dampers, hammers and the soundboard, or repairing the wooden reinforcements and cover, can get costly. If you don’t want to foot the bill, and you’re sick of the space your piano takes up or the dusty atmosphere it creates, why not give Junk Rescue a call to schedule a piano removal in Southern / Central New Jersey or the Philadelphia Region today?

Grand and Baby Grand Pianos

The even more prestigious baby grand and grand pianos come with an even heftier repair bill, with all of their parts costing more to replace based on brand, make and model. They are much larger and have a horizontal soundboard, special form-holders and metal reinforcements that can all be pricey individually, let alone if more than one part is damaged.

Due to their sheer size, grand and baby grand pianos can get in the way of everyday living if your home isn’t spaciously accommodating. At Junk Rescue, we understand that you might need that room in your New Jersey or PA home for an office, a play area for children or pets, or even a standing bike and yoga mat. Maybe you are moving and can’t take your piano with you, or maybe you just want to downsize. Whatever the case might be, our professionals at Junk Rescue can guide you through piano removal in Burlington County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and the surrounding areas with ease.

Pianos are heavy and bulky. They can be difficult to maneuver through entryways and across precious hardwood floors, leaving dents in walls and scrapes across flooring if they are not carefully handled. Don’t risk damaging your home or throwing out your back by trying to remove your piano yourself! Let us do the hard work for you.
We provide the best removal services across PA and New Jersey, offering you a free estimate, swift junk removal, and responsible disposal.

Here’s How Our Piano Removal Works:

  1. Book an Appointment during a two hour window of your choosing by calling 844-292-5865 or scheduling online, and our team of Junk Heroes will call to confirm within 15 to 30 minutes of your appointment.
  2. Get a Free Estimate. When our team of Heroes arrives, they will provide a quote based on a variety of factors such as: type, weight, size, and location of the piano.
  3. Have Your Piano Removed promptly, regardless of how big or small it is, or where it might be stowed away.
  4. Feel Good About Making the Right Decision knowing that our #1 priority is giving back to the community by donating your “junk” to others who can benefit from having it more. Anything that is incapable of being donated due to damage beyond repair will also be recycled and disposed of properly.

Our piano removal and other junk removal offers all come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We are available every day of the week and offer same-day service, and we promise to handle any task so that you can remain stress-free.

Always remember, if you are looking to have a piano removed in Burlington County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, or any surrounding areas let our junk heroes save you time, money, and stress. Call us today!


• Save $10 on Same Day Service • No Credit Card Required • Customer Service at 800-732-9209