The Top Four Possessions to Get Rid of Today

It’s time to clean up the mess from the holidays, which means it’s also time, once again, to realize how much stuff you have cluttering up your home.

How much of it is truly necessary? How much of it is just sitting there, taking up precious space because you think it might come in handy someday down the road, even though you know it probably won’t?

Yes, that’s a headache-inducing question, which is why you’ve been putting off answering it.

Junk Rescue is a leading expert in house cleanouts in Montgomery, PA, and the surrounding areas, and we’re here to help you make the final call on your clutter.

Here are four things you need to get rid of today:

  1. The hand-me-down sleeper sofa: Face it. Nobody wants to sleep on your grandmother’s old pull-out couch. The “mattress” is like a piece of stale bread, and the sofa cushions have seen enough sweaty backsides and spilled food over the years to deter even your biggest mooch of a couch-surfing friend.
  2. Drawers stuffed with t-shirts: Yes, the freebies you got from your rec-league softball teams have sentimental value, as do all those concert souvenirs you bought for $30 a pop. But unless you know someone who can take your tees right now and turn them into a memorial quilt, you need to face the facts. You are never going to wear those misshapen cotton frocks again.
  3. Outdated exercise equipment: It’s great to have a home gym, but only if A) you actually work out in your home gym, and B) the equipment in your home gym was manufactured in the last decade. You probably won’t be able to unload your Bowflex or Thighmaster on eBay or Craig’s List, so just toss it already.
  4. Bread maker: We all got one for our weddings. Chances are, we gave one to a friend on his/her wedding day. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but have you ever heard of someone actually using a breadmaker? Countertops and cabinets across America are suffering from a lack of space due to these things, and the madness has to stop.

This stuff is not, nor will it ever be, useful. It’s not serving you well. It’s holding you back from making the home of your dreams. It’s high time for a house cleanout, and house cleanouts in New Jersey, or any of the surrounding areas are a job for Junk Rescue.

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