We Can Tear Down Those Unwanted Structures in Your Backyard

If you want to clear up some space in your home, you can rent a dumpster cheap in South Jersey from Junk Rescue. But some clean-up jobs go beyond the realm of throwing a few things out and into the realm of light demolition. 

If you’re looking for demolition contractors in Cherry Hill and the rest of South Jersey, Junk Rescue can help. With autumn only a couple of months away, you’ll want to make your leaf clean-up easier by removing the unwanted obstacles in your backyard: Here are some structures we demolish:

Storage Sheds 

Your shed used to be a handy, clean place to keep your hoes and other tools. But now, you dread having to go in and get any of the items you store there: the wood is rotting, the door hinges are rusty, and some hornets have built a nest in the roof. Whether you need to tear down your shed because you want to build a new one, or you no longer need a shed at all because you’ve cleared up enough space in your garage and home to store your items elsewhere, we can make your shed problem go away. 

Play Set & Swing Demolition 

When you first put up your swing set, your kids loved it. But that was years ago, and now the swing set stands abandoned, and every time you look at it, you long for bygone days that you know will never return. Stop letting yourself get so sentimental and depressed, and let us tear down that swingset once and for all. 

Deck & Porch Demolition

Remember when you first moved into your house and you thought you’d actually use your deck or porch? You tried eating dinner outside on it a few times, but between the hot rays of the sun, sudden gusts of wind, and mosquitos who invited themselves to dinner, you soon realized that it was more trouble than it was worth. Now, the porch or deck has gone to ruin, looking worse every day and serving no purpose. But we can get rid of that eyesore, just as we can demolish your fence, pool, spa, or any of the things we mentioned previously.

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