Why You Should Feel Good About Getting Rid of Old Appliances

The United States produces more electronic waste annually than any other country, with only 12.5 percent of e-waste being recycled. Much of this waste ends up in far-flung corners of the Earth clogging up landfills, polluting, and adding environmental stress to countries such as China.

As a leading provider of appliance disposal in Camden County and a company that performs house cleanouts in Camden County and the surrounding areas, we encourage recycling and the safe disposal of all home appliances.

We also believe that you should feel good about getting rid of old appliances, and here’s why:

You’re Protecting the Ozone Layer

With the “Freon” Phase-Out imminent, it’s more important than ever to safely dispose of refrigerators that rely on this toxic coolant. If Freon is spilled, it can leak out into the Earth’s atmosphere and damage the ozone layer. Also, other home-appliances can clutter the finite landfill sites across the planet. Although Earth is a huge place, we only have a certain amount of space. Therefore, you’re saving the planet every time you recycle an appliance efficiently.

Scrap Metal is Recovered

Steel, aluminum, and other metals are easy to recycle and reuse. These metals are often found within the inner portions of home appliances. If you recycle home appliances, you are helping to reduce the environmental impact of mining for new metals. Isn’t it about time the world started to take recycling seriously and make use of the precious metals that are already in circulation?

You Are Preventing Common Environmental Problems

When old appliances are not disposed of correctly, the metals leak into soil and groundwater as they decompose. Metals such as lead and iron can damage our water supplies by contaminating water. This pollution can be avoided entirely by opting for appliance recycling services.

You can Finally Upgrade Your Existing Appliances

Have you been debating that new 70″ HD television for months? Are you waiting for the end of season sale to upgrade your refrigerator to something more family oriented? Or is it time to buy a new tablet to read blogs like this one while you’re on the go? Well, you’ll make a good start by working with us to dispose of your old items using safe and efficient methods.

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