Our Heroes Journey

Where It All Started

In the summer of 2015, two brothers-in-law were on their way to New York to watch a Baseball game. One brother was a Government employee, the other a recent college graduate in a sales job that he really wasn’t passionate about. During that two hour car ride they spoke about work and life, and a simple question was asked, “What would you do if you could do anything?”.

This was the seed for an idea that would eventually become Junk Rescue. What grew from this simple question was a company that had two goals in mind – to create opportunities for the everyday person, and to leave our community a better place than we found it.

NJ Junk Removal -Junk Rescue Worker

The Planning Phase...

The rest of 2015 was spent spit-balling ideas, planning, and waiting for the proper licenses to haul trash to come in from the state, and deciding how we’d build our Junk empire. Fast Forward to July of 2016, and our licenses had been approved! Our founders were at a crossroads, was this just a fun thought exercise, or an idea they’d actually move on? They obviously did the sensible thing… they became trashmen.


...Becoming Junk rescue

One month later in August of 2016, Junk Rescue was up and running, based out of Cinnaminson, New Jersey. Our first headquarters was our founder’s bedroom, and our first warehouse was his parent’s shed. The street in front of their house was where we parked our modest 1 truck fleet, and we’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to their neighbors for the constant 6:30 AM wake-ups from our noisy trucks at the time.

...It's Only The Beginning

Since then, we’ve grown more than we could ever have imagined at the time. We now have a two-building headquarters in Moorestown, New Jersey, and our fleet has grown to 10+ trucks. We’ve expanded into dumspter rentals, light demolition, and we employ more than just heroes.

We never lost sight of our founders original goals, working hard to make our community and those around us a better place than we found it. Through unique partnerships with non-profit organizations, donation centers, diligent source separation, we’re proud to donate nearly 60% of the items we pick up. We are striving to be the most eco-friendly hauling company in the nation. 

Our Team

We’re proud to have employed 175+ unique heroes over the years, and we’ve always strived to make sure that everyone who is or has been part of our family is set up for success. Some go on to college, some will end up opening their own Junk Rescue locations, and others may end up in an entirely different field, but all will be able to look back on their time at Junk Rescue with pride.

We’re just getting started, our goal is to be the top home services provider in the United States, and around the world, and we’re already eyeing up our next location. We believe that when we put people first, that the sky’s the limit, and we look forward to writing our next chapter in the months and years to come.