Dumpster Rental FAQs

Before Ordering Your Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Specifications

Yes, your dumpster will have a hinged door that will swing open. The door of the dumpster sits at the back end of the truck

No, our roll-off dumpster rentals do not include any type of cover or lid. We highly recommend using a tarp secured with bungee cords to cover the dumpster to help keep out unnecessary weight from precipitation and unwanted debris from nearby residents.

Materials – Weight, Extra Costs and Prohibited Items

The truck drives onto a scale at the disposal facility where an initial weight is recorded (gross weight). The truck then empties the contents of the dumpster. Next, the truck drives onto a second scale that records the weight of the truck and the empty dumpster (tare weight). The difference between the first and second weights (gross – tare) is the weight of the debris in the dumpster. The scales are regulated by state bureaus of weights and measures.

Mattresses, large/bulky electronic waste items, tires, and items containing freon may incur a per-item fee at the disposal facility. Any per-item fee(s) will be passed on to the customer.

Metal, Aerosol cans , Dirt, more than 100 lbs concrete, Mattresses, Fluorescent tubes , flammable liquids, Animals ,Paint (except completely dried, Hazardous waste, lead paint chips, White goods (Appliances) Herbicides & pesticides, Propane tanks, Asbestos, Industrial waste, Radioactive material, Lubricating/hydraulic oil, Railroad ties, batteries, Medical waste Solvents, Chemicals, Televisions, Monitors, Tires, gasoline etc and other hazardous objects (yard debris is accepted but most be sourced separated with no other materials inside) Nothing can be sticking out of the top of the roll off dumpster.

Additional requirements may apply based upon locality. Liability for appropriate waste remains with the customer.

We welcome your call (844-292-5865) or email (support@junk-rescue.com) with any specific questions or concerns.


The price of a dumpster rental includes a one-time delivery and removal for the selected roll off dumpster, a disposal weight allowance, and a stated rental period. All waste will be disposed of in a fully approved and licensed disposal facility.

Department of Transportation regulations limit the weight of any roll off dumpster to approximately 15 tons. Certain materials such as concrete, dirt, brick, drywall, roofing shingles, tree trunks, etc. can be very heavy. Before placing any heavy materials in your roll off dumpster, please review the applicable additional weight charges per the terms and conditions of your agreement and contact us at 844-292-5865 for guidance. Under no conditions should a roll off dumpster be loaded above the fill line, even with light material.

Yes, if the weight of the materials in your dumpster exceeds the included weight quoted in your order confirmation, you will be charged for the additional weight at the specified tonnage rate. We are charged by weight at the disposal facility and we pass along this charge accordingly.

Property Considerations

Although driveway damage is unlikely, please be aware of the possibility of damage caused by the weight of the dumpster and the contents placed in the dumpster.

Watch the process of a dumpster delivery below, and find out our tips for keeping your driveway protected.

Dumpster permits are typically only required when placing a dumpster on public property such as a street, easement, or sidewalk.

Please contact your local township office or public works department to determine exact permit requirements for your specific situation. Permit requirements can vary within the same town based on placement specifics!

Ordering / Scheduling Your Dumpster Rental

We offer same day/next day delivery for dumpster rentals. We recommend ordering at least 24 hours in advance to ensure we have a dumpster available. Please note there is no guaranteed delivery time, so if a roll off dumpster is needed first thing in the morning, delivery should be scheduled for the day prior.

We accept all major credit / debit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover). Credit card payment over the phone.

Not necessary, no. As long as there is nothing blocking the area we are placing the dumpster you do not need to be onsite. For removal, the customer agrees to provide unobstructed access to the roll off dumpster on the scheduled pick-up day. If the roll off dumpster is inaccessible, you will be subject to a wasted trip charge.

If you need additional rental days, you must notify Junk Rescue 24 hours before the pickup date. Otherwise, you will be subject a $60 to $120 trip charge for turning away the driver on site. Furthermore, Junk Rescue cannot guarantee additional rental days will be available if given less than 24 hours notice.

You may cancel or change an order by calling us at 844-292-5865 or contacting us via email at support@junk-rescue.com. A trip fee of $60 to $120 may apply if the driver is already en route or turning away the driver onsite.

Once You’ve Ordered Your Dumpster Rental

Lift the chain out of the locking slot

Pull the lock pin from the arm handle

Pull out and up on the handle to release the hinges and open the door

If service (delivery, removal, switch out, dump & return, relocate, etc.) is scheduled but not performed due to a customer’s onsite or last-minute change request, a wasted trip fee of $100 to $200 (based on location) is typically charged. All service change requests must be made prior to the driver heading to your location in order to avoid wasted trip fees.

Please call us at 844-292-5865 if you need your dumpster emptied and returned to you. There will be repeat charge equal to the amount paid for your previous dumpster.

Our standard rental period is 7-14 days. Extended rental fees will apply when keeping your dumpster longer than the included rental period. The included rental period and applicable extended rental fee is always disclosed in our quotes. Be sure to ask about the included rental time and extended rental fees when pricing a dumpster rental!

If you want to modify the date your roll off dumpster rental is picked up, please call 844-292-5865.