Light Demolition

We offer our all of our customers light demolition work. If you’re looking to take down an old deck, rip out a shower, take down some cabinets, or demolish any room in your home, then give us a call!

Interior Demolition

Exterior Demolition

Types of Demotion Services We Provide

-Light Demolition
-Storage & Shed Demolition
-Playset Demolition
-Kitchen Demolition
-Cabinet Demolition
-Deck & Porch Demolition
-Bathroom Demolition
-Carpet & Flooring Demolition
-Cubicle Demolition
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Why Choose Junk Rescue?

The Junk Rescue crew can perform all the light demolition work in both your home or office. We give our customers great discounts and pricing on hauling all the junk away after the demolition as well. Don’t spend your valuable time and money trying to take down or rip out things in your own home, just to have to turn around and find a way to have it removed as well. Just call Junk Rescue and let us take care of EVERYTHING for you Hiring Junk Rescue to manage your light demolition work is also a great way to cut out the middle man on your household projects. Instead of trying to find someone to do some demolition work and then trying to find someone who will take away all the left over debris, just leave it up to us. Our team of heroes will take care of everything in one shot. This is the quicker, easier, less stressful alternative for you to deal with household projects.


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