Light Demolition Services by Junk Rescue

The Junk Rescue team of residential and commercial demolition contractors and experts are your best bet for quick and professional light demolition services in PA and NJ, including Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Cherry Hill, and South Jersey! If you’re looking to take down an old deck, rip out a shower, replace some cabinets, or demolish any room in your home, then give us a call! Light demolition is not as easy as it sounds: it requires strength, finesse, and superhuman attention to detail. But have no fear! The Junk Rescue heroes have what it takes to handle any demolition job for any household or business. Below are some of the amazing services we can provide - check them out and see for yourself that we can do it all.

Interior Demolition

-Kitchen Demolition
-Bathroom Demolition
-Carpet Removal & Flooring Demolition
-Drywall and Plaster Demolition
-Office Cubicle Demolition
-Full House Interior Guts

Exterior Demolition

-Storage & Shed Demolition
-Deck Demoltion & Porch Demolition
-Play Set & Swing Set Demolition
-Fence Demolotion and Removal
-Mobile Home Demolition & Haul
-Pool and Spa Demolition

Types of Demotion Services We Provide

-Light Demolition
-Storage & Shed Demolition
-Deck Removal
-Playset Demolition
-Kitchen Demolition
-Cabinet Demolition
-Shed Removal
-Deck & Porch Demolition
-Bathroom Demolition
-Carpet & Flooring Demolition
-Cubicle Demolition
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Why Choose Junk Rescue?

The Junk Rescue crew can perform all the light interior and exterior demolition work in your home or office from Philadelphia to South Jersey. We give our valued customers excellent discounts and competitive pricing on demolition and junk and debris removal after the task is complete. Don’t spend your valuable time, money, and back strength trying to take down or rip out heavy and cumbersome furniture and appliances in your own home, and then have to find a way to have it all removed as well. Just call Junk Rescue and let our demo team do the heavy lifting and then clean up the mess. Hiring Junk Rescue to manage your light demolition work is a great way to cut out the middle-man on your household projects. Instead of hiring one company to do the demolition work and then trying to find another to remove all the debris, just leave it up to Junk Rescue. From deck removal and shed removal to mobile home demolition and cubicle removal for businesses, our team of heroes will be on the scene in a flash and make short work of any task set before them.
We are your quick and easy alternative for any residential or commercial demolition, removal, and clean-up projects you have in mind in Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Cherry Hill, NJ. Just give us a call, or schedule a demolition online to take advantage of a $10 discount on same-day service! Also, if you are up to the challenge, we offer dumpster rental options to make any DIY renovations and remodelings that much easier.
The Junk Rescue team of contractors is the superhero line-up PA and NJ deserve for light demolition services at which the world may marvel!


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