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Do your part to rescue others

Our goal here at Junk Rescue is to not only rescue you from clutter, but also to rescue your junk and give it a second home. We do whatever it takes to make sure that your generosity helps those who need it most by utilizing our partnerships with local non-profits. 

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We always strive to deliver 100% client satisfaction with every job.

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Responsible Disposal

All items that cannot be donated will be recycled and disposed.

What We Take For Donation

Donation Pick-Ups

How Our Paid Donation Pickup Service Works

Our donation pickup service is fee based, however it offers many other benefits that other companies do not offer. Since our Junk Rescue team is fully licensed and insured, we are able to collect the items wherever they may be on your property so you won’t have to lift a finger throughout the process. Also, unlike many other pick up services, we’re typically able to get to you the same or next day that you reach out to us. Furthermore, our service is all inclusive meaning all of the labor, loading, transporting, and drop-off is included.

Benefits of Our Donation Pickup Service

Tax deductible: You will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt
Free estimates: We will give you a no obligation estimate after we review your items
Same day pickups: We offer Same Day and Next Day Pickup options
Responsible Disposal: We will still accept any items that are not donation and dispose of them responsibly at no extra charge
A Heroic Experience: Our team of Heroes will provide you with world class customer service

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Give Your Items a Second Home.
We Do Whatever It Takes

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Donation Pickups

Our goal here at Junk Rescue is to not only rescue you from clutter, but also to rescue your junk and give them a second home.