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Donation Pickup

Our Commitment

At Junk Rescue, we strive to donate at least 60-70% of all items received to local charities. If you’re ready to get rid of that old sofa or dining room table and help find it a new home, then call the Heroes to pick them up and move them to a donation location nearby!

It doesn’t matter where the items are located on the property, and they don’t need to be prepped and wrapped for removal. If it’s out back, in the attic, or even in the basement, we’ll have our crews stop by and take a look at the items, give you a free estimate, and then collect them all for donation if the price is right.


Junk Rescue Worker

Don't Want It? Let Us Rescue It For You!

Our Partners

With more than a decade of industry experience,  we’ve had the opportunity to work alongside Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity for many of our donation pickups. 

Many know the stress of the extensive wait time that many donation centers have for them to come and pickup your items, but with the ability to provide Heroes and a truck, we’re able to get those items removed and donated same-day or next-day.

Junk Removal - Junk Rescue Super Hero

Free Estimates For Donation Pickups

Donation Receipts For Your Heroism

Our Heroes are ready to help rescue your old furniture and put it in the hands of donation centers for a fee. We include all of the labor, loading, and transportation of your items to the local donation centers.

We offer donation pickups from homes, offices, storage units, etc. regardless of the location of the items. If our team comes out and is not able to donate your items, we will still do our best to get them properly disposed of at recycle centers – keeping our time at any landfill as low as possible.

Along with donating around 60-70% of our items to local charitable partners, Junk Rescue will also give back with a tax-deductible donation receipt that will be emailed after donation! One person’s trash really is another person’s treasure!