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Moving Rescue

(Labor Assistance Only … Full Service Moving Coming Soon!!!)

Moving can be a hassle, and finding a team of able and willing bodies to help can be even more challenging. Luckily for you, there’s an all-star team of local movers who are ready to spring into action to make your move as easy as possible.

At Junk Rescue, our local team of super-movers can rescue you from your mounting moving troubles and provide all the local moving services you need. From thorough junk disposal and appliance removal to reliable moving services and other hourly labor tasks, our team will gladly handle any and all of your local moving needs.

Moving your most prized possessions is not a chore or a job. It’s a responsibility and a duty that we take seriously at Junk Rescue. We’ve built an identity around being more than a company. We’re a team of real people who help real people, which is why we mean it when we say your move is more than just a job for us.

When you need your things moved with the care and protection they deserve, the team of local movers you contact makes all the difference. Reach out to Junk Rescue today to inquire about our moving rescue services and speak to a trustworthy team member who can discuss all of your moving needs!


• Save $10 on Same Day Service • No Credit Card Required • Customer Service at 800-732-9209